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Epilepsy Networks and Resources - You are not in it alone

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

In Australia, there are a number of valuable resources and support networks available for those living with or affected by epilepsy. Whether you are newly diagnosed and learning about the condition, have been managing it long term, or are a carer or friend, knowing the networks you can tap into for support, information and advocacy are invaluable. Understanding how to live with epilepsy by drawing on the support networks available can be empowering whilst navigating medical requirements together with all other elements of your lifestyle such as schooling, friendships and workplaces.

In addition to speaking to your neurology doctor, foundations such as the Epilepsy Foundation, Epilepsy Action Australia and Epilepsy ACT offer a wide range of support services for patients and carers including:

+ Online Tools and Resources

+ Access to online communities

+ Nurses offering telephone and email support

+ Epilepsy Action Groups lobbying Government

+ Training for families, education facilities and workplaces

+ Seizure first aid tips

Neurology Specialist Dr Anna Willard is happy to discuss any of your concerns, help keep you informed of developments in Epilepsy research, and the support networks available for your individual needs.

Dr Anna Willard

Neurology Specialist


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